Heavy Duty Springs – Benefits and Changes it Bring to Your Vehicle

Leaf springs are used for suspension in vehicles with wheels. With time, the steel in the leaf spring gets stretched and become loose and can create problems for the suspension system. There can be many reasons for changing the leaf springs in your current vehicle, inspect them. It could be because they are stretched or you want to put your vehicle back into its original conditions.

Before taking any decision it is important to go through certain detailing and look for any downside. Knowing the usage of your vehicle is very important when it comes to replacement of leaf springs. One of most important thing to notice about heavy duty leaf springs are the feel of driving with a heavy load.

Heavy duty springs are known for carrying more weight and causing less wear on the springs because these springs are especially designed to hold a larger load.

Riding empty and riding with heavy load with heavy duty springs

When your vehicle has no load, the heavy duty spring can sit a bit high because of no load. Sometimes this can cause a problem in handling the vehicle. It is advisable that heavy duty springs are used only when vehicle carry the heavy load because of high resistance towards bending of springs. These heavy duty springs will keep the rear of the truck in level with front side while loaded.

Signs indicating leaf springs have gone bad

Along with the information on choosing the heavy duty springs, it is also important to be aware of the signs indicating spring going bad.

· Cracked leaf spring: This would require frequent routine inspection. If you are a regular heavy load lifter, it is recommended to conduct regular check by keeping a tab on the rear axle of the truck.

· Flatbed trucks: In case the rear end of your truck starts to sag without add on weight, it is a sign for spring replacement.

· Levelled Vehicle: Trucks are mostly designed to sit little up and higher from the back so as to carry additional weight. If you see front and back of the truck at the same level, then there must be some defect in your springs

Details to keep in mind while choosing heavy duty springs

There are few things that you should keep in mind while choosing new leaf springs for your vehicle such as task, usages, and details about types of spring sets and their functioning.

· All Leaf Springs are created differently: Heavy duty leaf springs are designed differently for their performance level. Some of them come with major modification and incorporation of clip bolts and metal rivets to add extra stiffness and strength.

· Types of Leaf Spring: There are different types of leaf springs available in the market, heavy duty, stock leaf spring and super springs. The availability of OEM springs for trucks and cars makes it easier for a customer to choose the correct option for their vehicle. You may take suggestions or help from the professionals for the type of leaf spring you may require and as suitable for your truck.

If you have decided to upgrade your leaf spring for adding more strength to your vehicle, heavy duty springs are the best choice. But make sure you do no ride without load for a longer period. Also with the heavy load ensure the routine check to identify the condition of leaf springs for longer durability.